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My Story

Since graduating with a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science in 2008, I have gained professional experience in a wide variety of industries and fields. Through these opportunities, I have learned the application of profitable principles to different industries and markets. I actively practice merging simple and effective solutions with clear and clean aesthetics.

Photo credit: Steve Salnikowski

I am passionate about converting user and business requirements into functional implementations. Executing this practice for 9 years using; UI/UX Design; Social Media Marketing; Software Development and Design; and Personnel Management, in varying capacities.

My immediate pursuits involve collaborating on innovative and profitable I.T. projects. Together, we can create value for you, your business, organisation or event. Contact me here or send me an email with details about your project and expectations for completion.

I work with SMEs, non-profit organizations, artists, and music labels to assist them in meeting their business needs. I’m particularly drawn towards working in health, nutrition, travel, music and entertainment. I’ve completed a variety of projects in Canada and Nigeria. Since October 2013 I’ve been based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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