Hi, my name is Olaniyi Matthew Adewole. My friends call me Niyi.

I am an I.T. professional and have been actively learning and gaining experience since 2008. Over the years, I have provided individuals and organizations with a wide range of services including the following:

  • brand and logo designs;
  • web development, maintenance, and troubleshooting;
  • hardware and software installation and maintenance;
  • social media strategies for engaging a wide variety of audiences;
  • information technology consulting.

I work with SMEs, non-profit organizations, artists, and music labels to assist them in meeting their business needs. I’m particularly drawn towards working in health, nutrition, travel, music and entertainment. I’ve completed a variety of projects across different market sectors and can bring a unique perspective to your project. I am currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you’d like solutions to your business I.T issues, contact me today. You can send me a message or connect with me via social media: